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Automation、intelligence、information system of tannery enterprise

With the higher and higher requirements of national tanning enterprises, the design and processing requirements of tanning machinery are also gradually improved. This requires tannery machinery processing higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, automation, intelligent, higher safety, reduce the number of operators and labor intensity. To realize the automation, intelligence and information upgrade of tannery enterprises.

The automatic conveying line produced by our company has leather conveying (into and come out of the drum), automatic water supply, automatic chemical material feeding system; Automatic control system of leather production and processing, on-line detection and control technology of leather production process; Tanning waste liquid circulation system and supporting testing equipment.

1. Fur conveyor line( into the drum)

The conveyor belt transports the leather directly from the fur storehouse to the drum that needs to be put into production, which can be weighed automatically. After reaching the specified weight, the drum door closes, and the conveyor belt transports the leather to other drum according to the set program.

2. Automatic line (come out of the drum) used for soaked skin (pickled)

The soaked leather is discharged from the drum and automatically falls to the drum line. The drum line will transport the leather to the designated place, and then it is conveyed to the high table of the meat removing machine with the skin hanging line. The leather will automatically fall to the meat removing machine for removing meat.

3. The conveying line is used for expanding the skin into the drum and conveying meat dregs

After removing the meat, the skin automatically slides to the conveying line (due to the different tanneries’ technology, some tanneries add an automatic conveying platform here for trimming),After the conveyor line is automatically weighed, it is sent to the designated drum for ash dipping and expansion. The meat dregs scraped from the skin are sent to the meat dregs press by the meat dregs conveying line.

4. Conveying line (come out of the drum) used for limed skin

After liming and expansion, turn the drum to pour the skin to the conveying line, the conveying line will transfer the skin to the designated area, and use the hanging line to transfer the skin to the upper part of the high table meat remover, and the skin will automatically fall into the feeding mechanism of the meat remover for meat removal. The meat dregs conveying line transfers the meat dregs to the meat dregs press.

5. Conveying platform

After the liming skin is removed, it will fall onto the conveying platform automatically. The operator will finish trimming and stacking the leather. The neatly stacked liming skin will be transported to the workbench of the cutting machine, and the operator will conduct the cutting of the leather.

6. Tanning line into the drum

After finishing the cutting, upper leather is pulled out from the cutting machine by the automatic pulling device and falls to the tanning line into the drum,the conveyor line automatically measures the weight of the leather and sends it to the designated drum for tanning. After reaching the specified weight, the drum door closes and the conveyor belt transports the leather to other drum according to the set program.

7. Split leather conveyor line

The split leather automatically drops to the split leather conveyor line after cutting, and can be delivered to the designated area according to different requirements of customers.

Leather automatic production line is a distinctive personalized product, according to the company’s production, technology, site, demand and other overall planning to design, according to the company’s practice over the years, the new tannery must be incorporated as soon as possible, after overall consideration can be done very ideal. Limited by the production efficiency of meat removal and layer cutting machine, it is advisable for an assembly line to produce about 2000 pieces per day.A production line of tanning water plant can be operated by more than 10 skilled workers, saving one third of human resources.

Main technical parameters and configuration of the conveyor belt

1. The belt conveying speed is 24m/min.
2. General width of conveyor belt: 600mm(the line into the drum); 1500mm(the line come out of the drum), other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. The main beam, baffle and rail of the transmission line are all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the thickness of the main beam is 2.5mm.
4. Use white PP mesh belt chain for the conveyor belt; (PU tape can also be used).
5. The pin shafts between the PP conveyor are all made of precision stainless steel round steel.
6. Double insulated sheathed wires shall be used for electric wires.
7. Standard bridge shall be used for all wiring.

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